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What others are saying about Dana (Parent Point)...

"Speaking with Dana was life changing!  From our 1st meeting, we knew she was a great fit for our family.  Dana made us feel at ease, while learning everything about us as a couple and as parents. She listened and understood our problems and goals, and provided the necessary discussions and tools required to reach our parenting goals. We looked forward to our sessions because they brought a sense of calm to our stressful lives. Experiencing positive changes encouraged us to continue implementing things learned from our sessions. We are forever grateful."

- Johann & Karin, girls 1 & 3 years

"Dana has been an invaluable parenting support to my two very vibrant and attention seeking sons who are 7 and 10 years old. She provides sheer genius strategies in coping with numerous parenting challenges. Not only does she harness a wealth of knowledge surrounding the psychology of family relationships but she communicates that information in a way that sticks in memory as a solid reminder long afterwards. She has inspired confidence in me to trust my parenting instincts and to strengthen my family connections in positive and creative ways."

- Rabia, boys 7 & 10

"A few weeks of being coached by Dana, were a life-changing experience for me. She focused on the best of me, helped me increase my confidence and highlight my strengths as a mother. This made me more grateful for my parenting and my life. In our conversations, I found her to be smart, thoughtful, supportive and aware of what I really needed. Dana coached me in a very unique way to get the best out of me that I wasn’t even aware of having these capacities and power. I became a more relaxed mother, authentic and I was able to build healthier relationships among my family through learning appreciation and acceptance."

- I.R., girl 8 & boy 4

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The M.A.D.E. way: Our approach to parenting

Our videos and our private coaching sessions feature Practical Parenting Tips to cover the 4 basic skills that will help you realize your parenting dream-life. Stick with us and you'll have it M.A.D.E.


Expectations - Reality = 

We explain developmental milestones, brain development and more to help you establish realistic and healthy expectations.


You have superpowers and strengths. We use Appreciative Inquiry to highlight them and bring them to your parenting. Use your 'special sauce' and style to your family life with great results.



If you don't have a plan, you don't know where you are going and when you get there. We help you define the kind of parent you want to be and make a plan to help you transform.



 You can't be a great dad if you are not there. Use the tools we teach, the strengths you have uncovered and the plan we make together to be the best Dad you can be. Evolve - modify approach as kids grow.