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Meet Dana Al-Sarraj, Founder of Parent Point

PCI-certified Parent Coach, Positive Discipline educator with a Montessori diploma, Dana is first, and foremost, a mother of 3.

Dana helps parents decipher their kid's behaviours so they can respond in a way that builds connection. 

Frustrated by the lack of practical, easy-to-implement information out there, Dana has distilled details into formulaic How-to's that help parents dial into their best self, reduce conflict, minimize guilt and raise kids who become confident, well-adjusted adults.

Parents CAN feel confident that they are doing the best thing for their child AND enjoy their own parenting journey.


Our Values

Practical Stuff.
No Fluff.

Our videos and sessions are designed to give you steps to implement immediately. Videos give tips and information in under 6min.
You achieve positive results more quickly and with greater confidence and joy.

Curated &

Our sessions and materials are designed to help you. You tell us what you need. Ask us your questions and we will create new video answers just for you.

Start with Strength.
Start with Self.

We believe in Appreciative Inquiry and helping you identify all that you are great at, that you can bring to your parenting. and to life. When you feel confident and grounded, this will translate to your family and to your work.

Community Class

While we work with one family at a time, our vision is to create a community of the highest order. It takes a village... and we are uniting that village of wonderful parents like you.