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Parents are not born, they are made.
They want to know that they are doing the right thing for their unique child.
Our talks are aimed at helping parents navigate new behaviors, anticipate developmental transitions to forge a solid bond with their child.

Featuring a lot of humor and overflowing with practical How-To's, these talks will ensure parents leave more confident and ready to enjoy their kids more.
When you are thriving at home, it will reflect in every aspect of life (work, health, social & emotional)

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Featured Talk:

Top 10 Parenting Hacks You NEED To Know To Reduce Conflict

This talk features practical parenting tips to instantly reduce conflict, increase co-operation, cool down anger and foster connection.

Duration: 60 minutes including Q&A


Choose from the below topics or request a talk tailored to your organization's needs.

Playful Parenting

You can get them to listen, want to talk to you and have fun doing it.
Discover practical and playful ways to help diffuse face-offs, head off meltdowns and create space for processing emotion. 
Attendees will receive play prompts to help them engage playfully.

Talk & Listen For Connection

Most parents complain their kids don't listen. Or, that older kids no longer share any details about their lives.
Learn small daily changes you can make to increase co-operation, confidences, collaboration and bonding.

Screen Smart

A refreshing and practical take on how to: Assess current use, Decide on limits and How you get there.
Harness the benefits and minimize the ills of screen usage with a healthy and SUSTAINABLE.

Parenting Strategy

How do you know how well you are doing as a parent if you haven't decided what kind of kids you are aiming to raise?
Get aligned on values and create a family mission statement for clarity, consistency and ease in day-to-day parenting.

Sensory Processing

Explore the 7 senses; how we take in info, how our brain processes and then integrates that data. Learn how to adapt to: maximize attention, minimize emotional overload and foster better bonds.


Personality = Temperament + Environment
Discover the 9 elements of temperament, harness strengths and exercise weaknesses. and how to modify environment to improve behaviour.

COOL IT! Keys to Self-Regulation

Unlock why you/they flip your lid, how to have a plan and minimize the meltdowns and face-offs (yours and your kid's!).
Learn the 1 factor that leads to your child's self-regulation.

A Strong "We" For A Better "Us"

Before there was an "Us", two people formed the "We".
Dial into the simple daily things couples can do to go from 'surviving' to 'thriving' in their marriage. 

Meet the speaker:  Ms. Dana Al-Sarraj

As a PCI™-certified Parent Coach, Positive Discipline educator with a Montessori diploma, Dana is first, and foremost, a mother of 3.

Dana helps parents decipher their kid's behaviours so they can respond in a way that builds connection. 

Frustrated by the lack of practical, easy-to-implement information out there, Dana founded Parent Point. Dana has distilled details into formulaic How-to's that help parents dial into their best self, reduce conflict, minimize guilt and raise kids who become confident, well-adjusted adults.
Dana has worked, internationally, helping hundreds of parents make small adjustments that have radically improved their relationships with their children.
Parents CAN feel confident that they are doing the best thing for their child AND enjoy their own parenting journey.

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