Practical Parenting Tips

Great Stuff. No Fluff.

Imagine loving being a parent, harmony with your spouse AND energy to take on your work!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to look forward to your kid's next challenging behaviour because you'll understand why it's happening, have tools to deal with it and be the BEST PARENT in supporting them through it. 

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The M.A.D.E. way: Our approach to parenting

Our videos and our private strategy sessions feature Practical Parenting Tips to cover the 4 basic skills that will help you realize your parenting dream life. Stick with us and you'll have it M.A.D.E.


Expectations - Reality = 

We explain developmental milestones, brain development and more to help you establish realistic and healthy expectations.


You have superpowers and strengths. We use Appreciative Inquiry to highlight them and bring them to your parenting. Use your 'special sauce' and style to your family life with great results.



If you don't have a plan, you don't know where you are going and when you get there. We help you define the kind of parent you want to be and make a plan to help you transform.




You can't be a great dad if you are not there. Use the tools we teach, the strengths you have uncovered and the plan we make together to be the best Dad you can be. Evolve - modify approach as kids grow.

Want to see immediate change?

Book yourself a 1:1 or couple's 30-minute intro private parenting strategy session. Leave with 3 new tools you can apply immediately to grow your relationship with your kid(s) and spouse.